Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy


Zoë Sipes, Experienced Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist, now offers Yoga Therapy sessions at Bodyworks.
Yoga uses a range of techniques to connect you to your body, breath and mind to promote general well-being, improve comfort and relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression, manage stress and improve lifestyle habits.
Zoë is trained to select appropriate techniques for individuals and to design a personalized yoga practice that will support your health and restore balance for you.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is a holistic approach to healing. Yoga integrates techniques to improve function at all levels of the human experience. The tools of yoga work at every level, from the physical body, to the more subtle energetic function, to the workings of the mind, emotions and spirit. Regular yoga practice integrates these levels to address the root cause of pain, disease and dysfunction.

Yoga therapy is not a “quick-fix.” Although a single yoga practice will likely help you feel more relaxed and comfortable, healing through yoga is a gradual, sustainable change that improves your health and habits of movement, thinking and perspective. Yoga requires regular, consistent practice to work these deeper levels. Zoë’s role as teacher is to create a personal practice which is meaningful, effective and enjoyable for you to return to each day.

Yoga is a low-risk, high-yield means of treatment.
Research shows that yoga can be an ideal complement to other forms of medical treatment for relief of pain and supporting your return to health. The yoga practices are gentle, do-able routines that will take you toward balance and well-being, without added strain.

Who does yoga therapy help?

 Yoga therapy can be an effective path toward healing for many conditions. Because it is a multi-faceted practice that works with the body, breath, mind and emotions, it can relieve many issues.
The following conditions are highly responsive to a regular, individualized yoga practice:
  • Chronic pain, such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, or hip pain
  • Breathing difficulty or shortness of breath
  • Sleeping difficulty, such as night waking or difficulty falling to sleep
  • Restrictions in mobility
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Digestive discomfort, such as IBS
  • Generalized disorders like fibromyalgia or arthritis

What to Expect:

You’ll begin Yoga Therapy by scheduling a free 15-minute intake phone call. During this call, you and Zoë can discuss your general goals and concerns, and begin to get to know each other and build a therapeutic relationship.
If you decide to proceed with yoga therapy, at the end of the intake phone call, Zoë will schedule two 60-minute Yoga Therapy sessions in the upcoming weeks so you can begin your work together.
In your initial one-on-one Yoga Therapy Session, Zoë will assess your general health, including range of motion, quality of breath and other factors, and teach you yoga techniques (yoga poses, breathing and meditation or visualization) that will be useful.
As part of this initial session, Zoë will design a personal practice for you that helps support your well-being and promote healing.
You will practice the short yoga routine each day at an agreed-upon time, building consistency with the practice. Zoë will be available for questions via phone call or email as needed.
At your follow-up session, Zoë will observe your practice, answer questions, discuss how it is working for you, and make any adjustments that improve your practice and magnify its effects. Zoë will also schedule your next appointment at this time.
After your second session, you will continue to do your daily yoga practice, and additional follow-up appointments will take place as needed. (Most students meet with their teacher each month to refine or change their practice and learn new techniques.)
When you are ready to schedule your free 15-minute intake phone call, contact Zoë by phone at (812) 250-9642 or email

About Zoë Sipes, CMT, Experienced Yoga Teacher

Zoë is passionate about the healing and transformative power of yoga and loves seeing students grow in their practice and lives. For Zoë, yoga extends far beyond physical practice–it is a holistic system that promotes balance of the body, mind and soul for total well-being.

From personal experience, Zoë knows how effective regular yoga practice can be in shifting perspective and improving behavior and mood. Consistent, regular practice helps Zoe stay connected, patient and happier, and pain-free. In students, she sees that practice boosts self-esteem, improves outlook, relieves stress and anxiety and helps people reach life and wellness goals.

After completing yoga teacher training, Zoë began teaching group yoga classes and private lessons in the Evansville area. Zoë received further training in the Krishnamacharya/Desikachar lineage of yoga, known as viniyoga, a tradition which emphasizes appropriate application of various yoga techniques to benefit students as individuals. The tone of her classes is relaxing, encouraging, and positive. Zoë’s classes incorporate asana, or yoga poses, to balance the physical and subtle body, as well as breathing (pranayama) and meditation. Many classes also include chanting and yoga philosophy when applicable.

Zoë provides yoga therapy instruction and massage therapy at Bodyworks in Evansville.

Zoe’s Background/Certifications:

Myofascial Release I – MFR Seminars (2016)
300-Hr Foundations of Yoga Therapy Teacher Training – The Yoga Well Institute (2015)
Certified Massage Therapist – Indiana State Board of Massage Therapy (2014)
Member of International Association of Yoga Therapists (2012-2016)
Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher – Yoga Alliance (2013-2016)
24-Hr Restorative Yoga Therapy Certificate – Yapana Yoga (2013)
90-Hr Children’s Yoga Teacher Certificate – Youth Yoga School (2013)
700-Hr Massage Therapy Diploma – Bodyworks Massage Institute (2013)
200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate – Evansville Teacher Training (2010)